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Kobe Global Charity Festival

  Kobe Global Charity Festival was held at a playing field next to KOBE REGATTA & ATHLETIC CLUB on Sunday, 18th October, 2009. Although KGCF has a history of being taken place at a site of KOBE CLUB in Kitano area every year, this year it was combined with KANSAI HIGHLAND GAMES sponsored by KR&AC.

  Not to disappoint you all, we Kobe SGG Club opened our SCRABBLE GAME tables for new friends.

  Under the bright sun of one autumn day, you could find this amazing site filled with tents and tables with a variety of international dishes and goods, and next to us children attending Highland Games in their Scottish costumes and a sound of the bag-pipes.

  Having a hard time with our tents blown away in a sudden gale, we enjoyed playing SCRABBLE GAMES with both foreign and Japanese visitors. We always find it happy to introduce an unfamiliar game to many Japanese, and to have foreigners who give us an unexpected look to find a SCRABBLE GAME in Japan.

  Thank you for visiting us, also to those we could not meet, hope to see you at our KOBE INTERNATIONAL SCRABBLE TOURNAMENT.

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KSGG Booth, in preparation KGCF2009案内図 KSGG staff
enjoy scrabble game
Highland Games, the Scottish atheletic meeting

ホームページ greeting by president クラブの紹介 活動状況 お知らせ 奉仕依頼
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